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↳ (8/10) Characters: Kit Porter

fuck yeah kittttt

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jokes about not being able to write while i’m here. i just want to spend as much time hanging out and experiencing things while i can and document later. but tonight was just so great that i had to write even just a little bit. Turkish nightclubs pwn (yes, i’m bringing that term back) American ones. no entrance fees (or super cheap if there is), good liquor, great entertainment, bumping playlists, free water (or like 1 lira) and amazing people. my Turkish student peer told me no one would steal anything if i just left it somewhere. my bag was indeed untouched the whole time i left it unattended (with many strangers that just came and went from our booth, at that!) and my Turkish phone (along with someone else’s phone in our group) was taken but by folks who were worried about them sitting in the open and when i asked i was led to them where they returned them. simply amazing. 

everything here has just been such an amazing learning experience as well as a much needed refresher from some internal drama and negative feelings. with Ankara being a big city (and Istanbul too, will explore it over the Bayram holiday), i am absolutely in my element here and i fucking love it. if yall aren’t considering studying abroad/learning a new language yall absolutely have to rethink it. you lose out on so much by not traveling abroad and as a result have far narrower perspectives on things. please consider it. 

a great throwback to accompany midnight Turkish coffee while sitting by the balcony. it’s not even been a full two days and i’m having such a blast.

beginning the journey to Turkey in just a lil over 3 and a half hours. see ya in a month America! i don’t see myself updating tumblr at all while i’m there, so catch y’all later!


convenient food

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Franca Hornschemeyer's dystopic door drawings.


Franca Hornschemeyer's dystopic door drawings.

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January 10th / sunrise and sunset


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